Baptism in Essential Oils

Add scent and Healing

to your Home

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The Aroma Diffusing solutions offer easy operation for portable or fixed install units, bringing the scents and health benefits to your home, office or business!

The Health benefits include-

* Mood and Relaxation Elevation

* Anti Microbial & Healthy Air wards off illness

* Improves Cognitive Function

* Assist is easy breathing

* Pain Relief

HVAC Diffusing

Portable Diffusing

Features of Fixed Install, HVAC Diffusing

  • Diffusing covers large spaces seamlessly

  • Cold Air Diffusion technology

  • Oils diffused evenly throughout the spaces

  • Quiet operation out of sight

  • Intelligent and Smart Diffusers follow your schedule

  • No concentration of residue from a single source portable diffuser

  • Larger oil bottles allow for extended diffusing and less maintenance

  • Digital touch screen controls and programming

  • Adds moisture to the air removed by HVAC or Heating systems

Features of Portable Diffusing

  • A strong and powerful scent

  • Oils diffused into microscopic mist

  • Quiet operation on firm surfaces

  • Conveniently change your scent or oil to set the desired mood 

  • Battery operated, allows for you to conveniently use outdoors and on camping trips

Aroma Emulsifying Recipe

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Whole Home








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About Us 


Our Aroma brings a whole new personalized approach to the health and beauty sector. Do you use your neighbor's toothbrush? Then why do you use their bath and body products?

Work with Our Aroma to scent your body, home, and pets Naturally!

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