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We have Received

so that we can 


Aroma has already Given +$25,000 of products to our Homeless neighbors!

Aroma believes in sustainability and social responsibility! Our founders economics and business philosophy speaks to the role that Aroma plays within our local and national community. 

"Aroma exists to create products required by the community,

to employ people in the community and

manage the financial resources to ensure a healthy business

for the future to provide for the community!"

Aroma operates a Buy 1-Donate 1 program, where over specific weeks throughout the year, Aroma will match one of every product sold over the week as a donation to programs that offer our un-housed neighbors in our communities shelter and services for bathing. We also want to put a Bokke Balm in the hands of all those that find themselves on the streets and in difficult circumstances, to ensure that they have a product that can fight off infection and heal their skin no matter the location that they find themselves in.

Aroma welcomes organizations that provide services and shelter to those that find themselves out of place and without a place to call home to receive donations.

Aroma presently works with the following organizations by providing Aroma products at no cost;

Think Dignity Non Profit
Hope South Florida Non Profit
Love Cleans Non Profit
Elica Health Centers
Concern 4 Kids Non Profit

Aroma welcomes you to look at these organizations that we work with and support the great work that they do in your community!

The following dates are those of the Buy 1-Donate 1 events;

  • February 7 - 14 2021         

  • April 24 - May 4 2021              

  • September 11 - 19 2021

  • November  20 - 30 2021

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Giving Program.