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About This Fragrance

The spring blossoms are in full splendour and the Sweet Pea bush winds itself up towards your open window. The scent fills your kitchen and house with the beautiful soft and gentle floral notes, that seem to be mixed with a honey butter!


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Sweet Pea
Mid: None
Base: Vanilla


This candle is hand blended and created here in America of the finest quality ingredients from around the world. The perfect wick type for each specific fragrance is selected to ensure the very best quality burn.


Burn Time

65-75 hours


Made from Aroma's blend of Bee's Wax and organic Soy Wax.

Our Aroma Sweet Pea 10 Oz Soy Wax Jar Candle

Artikelnummer: ACN-SPE-010
1 Unze
  • - Soy Wax

    - Bees Wax

    - Red Rose Oil

    - Bergamot Oil

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