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Our Aroma is a Natural Scenting Company!


We scent

The Our Aroma Natural Pawfume Grooming Spray is the purr-fect solution. The Pawfume is ideal for scenting your Pets with a pleasing scent for you, while protecting them from the nasty pests that they encounter outdoors.


The Our Aroma Pawfume is an all-natural solution for your pets with quality good enough for you.

Our Aroma uses Essential oils that offer a longer-lasting scent and protection than many other companies. 


Protective Essential oils:

- Thyme

- Rosemary


All-Natural product

- Eco friendly

- Hypoallergenic

- Alcohol-free


Conditions the coat with Argan oil and Keratin.

Our Aroma Natural Pawfume Lemongrass & Peppermint Grooming Spray - 4 Fl Oz

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