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The Our Aroma Re-Growth applicator comb has 12 stainless steel teeth, which using the patented roll ball teeth structure. Add your hair treatment serum, the Our Aroma Re-Growth hair serum, conditioning oil to the Application tank The oil or serum will efficiently and effectively flow through the teeth tips and to reach the scalp and hair roots, ensuring that the scalp is massaged and encouraged for Re-Growth! Advantages: *

  • Evenly distributes serums and oils, allowing you to reduce the amount used.
  • The Applicator makes it easier to apply evenly in hard-to-reach sections
  • No parting or sectioning hair is required.
  •  Keep hands clean and free of oil or serums
  • Reduce the treatment time with more efficient application


  • The soft plastic bottle cap design can add pressure and increase the quantity of oil or serum to the scalp and hair root without any batteries
  • Lightweight and portable.The edge is designed to be tightly sealed and will not allow liquid to overflow or leak

Our Aroma Hair Growth Serum Applicator & Scalp Massager

Artikelnummer: AHL-APP-001
  • Our Aroma

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