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Our Aroma is using our African recipe to offer a similar product to the original balm recipe passed down through generations as a herbal balm and ointment. The Bokke Balm is effective against a wide range of conditions, including cold sores, cuts, bruises, sprains, freckles, ulcers, rashes, blisters, and acne. It could also be used as an embrocation by rubbing it into the muscles of the back, legs, or feet. 



The Essential oils included in Our Aroma's Bokke Balm recipe will achieve the following results;

Camphor Oil

Eucalyptus Oil 

Thyme Oil

Clove Leaf 


Art of Health

Our Aroma builds not only the highest quality perfumes and body products, but hand mixes and blends Lotions and Balms for you in an easy-to-use dispenser for easy application.


Aroma All Natural Bokke Balm - 2 Oz

Artikelnummer: 616241771403

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